Dec 03 2018

NOR for JWC and JEC 2019

Dear Junior Iceboaters,
it had last a little bit longer that the NOR for JWC/JEC 2019 was completed. IDNIYRA-Europe has to apologize for that delay.
Please read it carefully before the registration which will open at 10th of December.
It is also high time to send in your confirmation of cover to our Insurance Manager Niklas Müller-Hartburg, you need this for the online entry and payment.

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Dec 01 2018

NEW – NIA sailing rules test in Netherlands language

Dear DN Sailors in Netherlands,
now you have the NIA Sailing Rules Test in your language. Make use of it and have fun. Doei doei.

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Nov 26 2018

Entry Procedures for EC 2018 and Juniors EC/WC

Dear Sailors,

feel warmly welcome to the new season. The entry procedures are prepared and ready for start. Due to the temporary stop of IDNIYRA-Europe membership reorganization you will find the online entry like you were common with the last year. So there is nothing new to know. The IDNIYRA-Eu fee (45,-€ ) is charged within the online entry. The link to the modified NOR is also on the entry start page.

DN Seniors EC 2019 entry opens 1st. of December 2018

Juniors EC/WC 2019 entry opens 10th. of December 2018

Note regarding the stopped member registration:
All payments (also double charging) are refunded by now. If you want to register on the website to get informations you can do this as before, BUT PLEASE take your sailnumber as your username (Capital letters-Number, like P-123, G-4, OE-345) The sailors (members) registered so far are still in and can log in. Any questions?

Think Ice, Godie G-4

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Nov 13 2018

NOR EC 2019 (With Important Change!!)

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

Please find the Modified NOR for the 2019 DN European Championship and EuroCup.

We needed to make some changes in it because receiving a late warning from our lawyers and because of that, I decided to suspend the reorganization procedure in our European Community. Recently the lawyers are studying the case and hopefully will come up with a solution soon. It was just a warning and doesn’t mean that we did something illegal.

Unfortunately, we are now in time constrain because the NOR was already due to publish and the registration procedure will start within less than three weeks. Therefore as a temporary solution, we have to revert to the old system

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Nov 11 2018

NOR – Worldcup and North American Champs

Dear friends, as I know from Deb the winter in Wisconsin is already coming, its snowing last Friday morning. But anyway the Notice of Race for Worldchampionship and North American Championship is ready.

Find it here

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Oct 16 2018


Dear friends,

I started to assign the insurance-IDs for EC 2019 today.

Please keep in mind:

Insurances (or requests for a SEI) received until 02. January 2019; 24:00 (CET) will be checked for a regular entry – all later received insurances (or requests for SEI) will be checked and get an Insurance-ID to be able to make a Late-Entry without checking of the insurance at regatta-check-in.

Think Ice


OE 221

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