Jan 16 2019

Important information – postponement!

Due to the recent unstable weather conditions in the region the 2019 European Championship will be postponed by one day. Thus the new schedule is the following:

  • Final decision about the site: Saturday, 19th January 2019, 15.00 CET
  • Check-in: Monday, 21st January 2019. Hours as scheduled earlier.
  • First Race: Tuesday, 22nd. 10.00 Local time


Attila Pataky, M-100

European Commodore 

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Jan 16 2019

Icescouting 2019 – Second update

Since the last report we had checked two spots: Siemianowka in Poland and Rekyvos in

Lithuania. Both lake have ice of sufficient thickness, however the ice surfaces are not ideal for racing.

At Siemianowka we have 10 cm black plus 5 cm snowice. The ice was covered with about 2 cm of slushy snow, which in case of cold weather will freeze and form a hard but rough sailable ice surface.

The Rekyvos has 20-22 cm of black ice. There are 5-10 cm thick frozen snow drifts on the ice. Here we will need warm weather and rain to smoothen the surface.

Now we are in Estonia to check places on the islands.

Tomorrow we will travel to Sweden to check possible paces there.

Checking the official source (IDNIYRA ICE REPORTS) we could not find information on other possible spots. Please go out on the lakes nearby and check the ice there and upload photos and information on Icereport secton of our official webpage.

Attila Pataky


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Jan 14 2019

Message from EDNIA to DN Sailors

Over the last few years we have seen a rise of appeals to protest cases come to us.
I think it is time to once again make clearer to sailors what we (EDNIA) really do:
Like appeals boards in summer sailing that national authorities have…. and ISAF too, we keep a close eye on procedures and application of the rules of sailing. Continue reading

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Jan 14 2019

Icescouting 2019

Dear Fellow Iceboaters!

This year we departed again on our journey in search of the best location to organize the European Championship.

Last week we have had some hope that we can stay on the ice of the Organizing Country. The ice on Tisza Reservoir had grown fast and reached 10 cm of thickness by Saturday. We had about 5 cm of light snow cover. Unfortunately, warm weather is expected and the ice stopped growing as well the light snow formed drifts that became slushy.

Thus on Sunday we decided to leave the place and headed North searching alternative places. We drove all day in positive temperatures with alternating precipitation between the rain and the snow. The more we moved North the snow cover had become thicker and thicker. Now we are staying in Central Poland and thinking on which direction to move further.

As of now, the weather forecast is BAD for all Europe. On places where we have sufficient ice thickness it will not be warm enough to melt the existing snow cover, neither will it be cold enough to form new ice. As of today, we don’t know of a single spot in Europe where we could run the European Championship.

We will do our best to find the right spot!

Please help in this and check out your neighboring lakes for ice, make an icereport and contact us. Both positive and the negative information is valuable. Based on that we can plan our route more effectively.

We travel so that the whole community doesn’t have to. We are doing our best to find the right spot for you guys!

Stay tuned, we will report frequently.

Thanks for your help.

Attila Pataky
European Commodore

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Jan 05 2019

Grand Masters Cup 2019

GRAND MASTERS CUP 19-21.2.2019

Here are the NOTICE OF RACE,   SAILING INSTRUCTIONS  and  ENTRY  – forms of the first Grand Masters Cup. Because this regatta is a kind of “pilot”-regatta, all proposals and comments are very welcome.

Hopefully many senior sailors (over 60 years of age) are interested in participating this event.

Please let us know, if you are interested in joining the Racing Committee of this unique event.

Cara ( L-37 ) and Olli (L-121)






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Dec 24 2018

Season Greetings

Dear Fellow Ice Sailors, Junior Iceboaters,

The holiday season is here and some lucky countries already have stable and sailable ice cover on their lakes and water reservoirs. Use this possibility to train as much as you can to get ready for big international events and perfectly trim your gear.

But do not forget in this busy season, that some deadlines to make duetime entry for the events are already on the doorstep:

  • 2nd January – submission of insurance cover for seniors
  • 6th January – regular online entry ends for the Senior EC
  • 15th January  – submission of insurance cover for juniors
  • 20th January – regular online entry ends for the Junior WC/EC

As today there are only 62 entries made for the senior event and only ONE for the juniors!!

Please take a few minutes and make the online entry as soon as possible to ease the life of the organizers and help to make successful icesailing events.

I whish all to you and to your beloved families all the best, Merry Chrismas and Happy, Prosperous New Year!

And of course lot of fun on the ice!


Your Commodore,

Attila Pataky


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